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Val6 Tune Up Kit

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Part Number: V6TUK_KBE
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Keep your Val6 heater running efficiently.
Recommended Maintenance: Change nozzle, and filter every heating season, as well as flush fuel tank.
More frequent nozzle / filter replacement may be needed depending on usage and fuel quality.

Tune up kit contains one fuel nozzle, two filter bowl o-rings, and two red fuel filter replacement elements.
( Filter bowl o-ring should be changed every time filter is replaced.)

For most models KBE5S, KBE5L, and EPX models. (EPX models with serial # starting with H)
We have parts for all Val6 heater models,Daystar, KBE5S, KBE5L, EPX, KBE1JA, Hot Gun and more

Late model EPX, and KBE5L 2 High / Low model requires different nozzle, call to order.

Shipping by USPS Priority Mail Priority Mail is usually delivered within 1 to 3 days.

Filter part# KSL-B-14, Nozzle part# KSL-B-04

Click Here to View Val6 KBE5S, KBE5L Manual

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