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On sale: $159.95 $129.95
Part Number: 4150.112
Availability: In Stock. Free Shipping.
Adjustable Thermostat 
  • Adjustable heat ranges from 32 degrees F up to 95 degrees F
  • Simple dial control makes it easy to set specific temperatures

Heavy Duty Remote Thermostat, with 32' cord. 

Thermostat knob display both Celsius and Farenheit
MCS-4150.112 works with all MCS Heaters
XL9SR-M, XL9SR, XL81, XL91, BV290, BV110

Also compatible with:
MTM Hydro Fire 155 heater.
Enerco Heat Star HS155, Velocci Fire 155 etc.
Interchangeable with MTM part # 48.7101, and HeatStar F150035
remote thermostat for HS155-IR heater, HeatStar HS31D , F105108, remote thermostat.
Use on MCS Heaters, some Heatstar models, and Alkota RH150, RH126 .
OEM Replacement of MCS 4161.967

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