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MCS BV77 Indirect Oil Fired Heater

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BV 77E indirect fired heater Power: 68 300 Btu/h Air displacement: 913 cfm Fuel consumption: 0.55 gph Tank capacity: 9.5 gallons Packaging dimension (l x w x h): 47.5 x16 x 20.9 inches Power supply: 110-120/60 V/Hz Rated current: 1.5 A Thermostat control: optional Net / gross weight: 70.4/79.5 lb Fuel autonomy: 17 h Flue tube Ø: 4.8 inches Blast opening Ø: 9.2 inches Pallet: 8 pcs Main features Model description Clean hot air Possible connection to an optional room thermostat Possible connection to a flexible tube Flue gas exhaust High air flow Overheat thermostat Post-ventilation Three oil filters: oil pump filter, suction filter and inlet filter Electronic flame control with photocell Heat exchanger Stainless steel combustion chamber Oil tank with level indicator Trolley included Easy maintenance with external pump Strong and long lasting construction

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